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Fashinable White Strings!

Are you bored of wearing the same style of lingerie and running out of ideas?

Get your hands on the women's strings and create the look you are craving. Women's string has the power to level up your confidence while making you appealing.
The strings are  perfect for your honeymoon days. It hides your private part in a V shape from the front, and the lightweight string around your hip adds a touch of glamour to your body.

For the brides, we recommend getting the white strings that not only make them sophisticated but also sexy at the same time. The white string looks stunning and eye-catching, and as a new bride,
that’s what you want.

White string string 2 string 4 string 4

ClarySydney offers an infinite number of string options. Make a decision first, and then go for it. And if you’re still not ready to jump into the market, then have a look below to understand why you should get them.

Women's strings are usually made with cotton and nylon fabric, which makes them breathable and comfortable at the same time. Even in the hot summers, you will feel fresh and stress-free.
For daily use, try the cotton material, as it’s more suitable and easy to wear for extended hours. But if you’re heading out somewhere, then wear the fancy satin or lacy string and you’ll surely get the modern and luxury feel. Since these strings have low coverage, you won’t get any measure marks on your body and that’s what makes them worthwhile.

The best thing about the string is that you can wear it under any outfit, whether a short skirt, jeans, or a body suit. It gives you a flawless finish with each look. 


Trendy Women Boxers at Clary Sydney


The world is evolving and so does the fashion is. Gone are the days when we used to think that boxers are just for men. It's the 21st century and you can’t just hold on to the basic underwear that you have been wearing for a long time. Do you know that boxers are in trend again but this time they are quite famous among women. If you still haven’t got the one, then you’re at the right place. Let’s dig deeper to get more details about these women boxers.

boxers 1 Boxers 2 boxer3 boxer 4

We have listed some of the female boxers below, so you can choose the right one for you.

First, we have traditional women's boxer shorts. It’s 100% cotton and stretchy material gives extra comfort to your body parts. The best thing is that they have enough elasticity so that anyone can perfectly fit into them.
The next one that is quite famous is the women's boy short. They are a little shorter than traditional boxers but still work well. It’s a must-have for the days when you want to give full coverage to your body parts.
If you want to wear something fun yet appealing, go for women's brief boxers, which come in a variety of colors. Especially for women who like to give their outfits a modern twist. Whether it’s a morning walk, a routine gym, or maybe a dinner date, you can always look good wearing it.

boxer 5 boxer 6 boxer 7 boxer 8

Women's thong underwear is the ideal alternative to casual boxers, particularly if you wear skin-fitting attire. They highlight your buttocks and give you a stunning appearance. Make sure to get a pair of them in your closet. They'll win your heart.
When it comes to lingerie and undergarments, we suggest you don’t shop from online websites instead go to your nearest store and try it on until you get your desired size.

Perfect Cocktail Shoes For You!


Women's love for shoes is beyond everything, right? However, choosing the right pair of shoes can be tricky sometimes. But not now! Have you ever tried cocktail shoes? Do you know that they offer a variety of designs and colors? Whether it is a birthday party, a brunch, or a concert, you can always style them with any of your attire. Just the way you want! If you’re still unsure about which ones to get for your next event, then go ahead because we feel that this blog will be worth reading.

cocktail shoe 1 cocktail shoe 2 shoe 3 shoes 4

Whatever you’re getting for yourself, you should know how to style it. Your choice matters the most. Either way, it can be a game-changer or it can ruin your look. Classic cocktail shoes have been an all-time favorite among women because of their customized heels, comfort, and adaptability. They look splendid with a red gown, and you can wear them with pants too. 

For all the women who don’t want to get out of their shells, you can always play it safe with low-heels cocktail shoes. They will make you feel fashionable without being extra.

And if you know how to carry high heels, then cocktail heels are one the best options for you. They will give you a sexy look and make you attractive. But be careful, Cinderella, while wearing them, or you’ll get yourself in trouble.

You can always go with ankle-strap cocktail heels for a royal touch. Explore the luxurious and splendid designs in it and make your look complete with these heels. These heels provide the best fit for your heels without making them sore and uncomfortable. With their elegant features, they give an absolutely sexy look to your feet, like a supermodel.
shoe 5 shoe 6 shoe 7 shoe 8

How to choose cocktail shoes for women depends on so many things. Note down the points you need to consider while getting them. Style is the first thing to think about. Try to get what you’re confident about. Colors are the second thing, but for a budget-friendly option, it is better if you pick the basic colors like black, fawn, red, or maybe silver and gold. So, they can go with any of your dresses.

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